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It's time for a Wholeness Revolution


What if… wholeness is possible?

Everyone has a story.

Most of us accept the stories we were born into, thinking that we are victims to a narrative we didn’t choose. We end up living as victims, instead of living beyond the pain and reclaiming our power. But what if we didn’t accept brokenness (feeling fragmented and disconnected from reality)? What if it is possible to heal from our past, take accountability for our own lives and live on purpose, from a place of power?


What readers are saying about The Wholeness Revolution

Oh my goodness Cheryl! I was crying in less than 10 pages 😅 What a powerful and an emotive style of writing. I absolutely love it, already thought provoking and I’m not even halfway. I can’t wait to get to the rest. It’s amazing and an honour to know you as the person you are now having gone through the trials you went through!


Started reading the first few pages, Wow! you are an amazing writer!


 It’s very challenging to find the courage to be authentic! When we go to work, we don’t leave our true selves at home. We come with every day, maybe a little packaged.
Sharing your story as it is, takes strength and courage. Cheryl Benadie, I am super proud and inspired by your courage to help others by sharing your truth! Cannot wait to read.


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